Welcome to the Portal of the PANCAP Regional Stigma and Discrimination  Project.

The goal  of the portal  is  to contribute effectively to the dissemination, uptake and adoption of proven or emerging best practice strategies in community-based  stigma reduction and human rights action around the Caribbean and Latin  American region;

The portal is a platform that exist beyond the project period (2009 to 2012) for sharing current issues and evidence on  the regional HIV related  stigma, discrimination  and human rights environment; for sharing tools, handbooks, BCC and campaign materials for application within  community-led  or  youth led strategies; and for promoting  dialogue around key  findings of  regional research studies and assessments.

Since it's inception,  the project received its core funding from the UK Department for International Development (DfID), UKAID. The Project  portfolio fell  within the  remit of  PANCAP  Project coordination Unit (PCU)  portfolio to tackle stigma and discrimination. The  27-month  project was overseen and managed by  Associates  for International Development.

The project enhanced the capacity of  PANCAP to address S&D in its target countries by promoting community leadership, visible action by duty bearers. and empowerment of marginalised groups. The project also  fostered vertical and horizontal partnerships required to support community led anti-stigma action. Other outputs included the production of capacity building materials and evidence-bases through  research,  increased  advocacy action  and human rights-based approaches to stigma reduction, meaningful involvement of the most marginalised groups and increased capability of  community  based organisations  to  undertake  community research and diagnoses and own the resulting action.

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Read about best practices that emerged during the inception phase pilot interventions and beyond.


Community Leadership and Empowerment

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Partnerships and Accountability

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Human Rights and Advocacy

An upstream approach towards achieving  anti-stigma  and human rights  developmental goals.

In 2009, The Regional Stigma,a unit piloted  community empowerment  and partnerships  building approaches designed to  to ensure that the  marginalised groups and other pivotal  community groups  such as National AIDS  programme officials  faith based organisations, youth groups,  etc will be able to  effectively dialogue and advocate  together within the scope of their different  viewpoints, abilities , hurts, past experiences and even  different  institutional goals.  By 2011, strengthened team work  ability ...read more

View the RSDU "preparing for action"  P0 to P5 leadership and empowerment models below

MSM            PLHIV          Sex workers    

Description of the P0 to P5 building blocks


Unconditional Love:  Caribbean Vulnerable Coalition (CVC)

Spotlight on Stigma

The PANCAP Regional Stigma and Discrimination Unit (RSDU) was established through funding from the Department for International Development (UK) with a goal to contribute to the reduction of stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV, their families and other vulnerable groups throughout the Caribbean...read on

Read about  the RSDU's  work with its partners 

Spotlight on Stigma #1

Spotlight on Stigma #2


Human Rights PSA, Jamaica: RSDU CBMP, CVC

Marginalised communities leading the way  in human rights campaign  action in Belize

Through approaches piloted  within the RSDU project, the establishment of  a media and communications teams (MCT) at community level has proven to be very successful  in  the cost effective  design and  development  human rights   mass media human rights campaigns. Below is the depiction of the case of Belize in working with the MCT in  developing a human rights  know your Laws and Rights" campaign , in partnership with UNDP Belize and GFATM.




Human rights  Campaigning solutions in   St Lucia 

RSDU St Lucia,   in Partnership with Community Organisations, the National AIDS Programme and CBMP   have undertaken  the first  comprehensive human rights campaign in the country (download briefing document, above). and overview of the  key steps involved.   So far, monitoring results have revealed  ...read more 



Don't Hudge, Human rights PSA , St Lucia: RSDU, CBMP



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Arrow Community Human Rights and Advocacy Campaign resources
  Overview: RSDU resources designed by community for the delivery of community-led human rights action through community-led dialogue and sensitisation sessions. Accompanied by a 'How -to' Briefing book
  Description: Materials were produced under the themes rights to health care, to employment and to education in Jamaica, St Lucia and Dominica. These are accompanied by a how- to briefing booklet
Arrow Rights4Life - an anti-stigma Toolkit for Youth
  Overview: A handbook for peer to peer HIV anti stigma and human rights approaches in schools and communities and targeted and 13 to 19 year olds.
  Description: Thsi handbok was develoepd to be sed by youth in buidlign skills and awarenes of HIV Stigma righst and human righst actions for promoting respect and recognition of Sexual and reproductive health rights of youth aged 13 to 19 years. It has been inspired and informed by the Dance4lIfe youth teams...
Arrow Edu-drama for Human Rights - Walls come Tumbling Down!!
  Overview: A Booklet for community groups and educators to use in designing, informally training and delivering edu-drama interventions in various settings.
  Description: In response to reported prevailing incidence of stigma and discriminstion towards minority groups in the region, this Booklet has been developed wih the aim of using innovative and sponaneous theatre and dama to promote awaremenes of the impact of Stigma and consequantial human righst violation...
Arrow Stigma Community Response Baseline (SCOR-B) - Key findings - Belize
  Overview: Download the presentation of the SCOR-B findings in Belize
  Description: The findings were presented at the opening ceremony of National Stigma and discrimination conference held in Belize on 28th and 29th August 2012 and funded by PASCA USAID. View the video - Hosts of "open your eyes" on Channel five discuss the findings and implications for actions ...
Arrow Conceptualising the Stigma Results Framework for the RSDU Stigma and Discrimination interventions
  Overview: The RSDU results framework and overarching indicators are shared here
  Description: In addition to the Stigma -related outcomes and intermediate result level indicators shown in the stigma outcomes table listed in this section, output level indicators and other intermediate results related to numbers reached, capacity built , partnerships formed and sustained, materials produc...
Arrow RSDU Stigma Outcomes indicator table
  Overview: These are the core indicators designed by te RSDU to measure stigma outcomes following community capacity building and involvement in advocacy action.
  Description: Author: Sarah Adomakoh. These are the core indicators designed by the RSDU to measure stigma outcomes following community capacity building and involvement in advocacy action. These indicators can be measured using SCOR-B questionnaires. Click here to download to your designated downloads fold...
Arrow The Community-based Operations Research Empowerment (CORE) Approach
  Overview: CORE was developed by AIDInc and has been in use since 2002 across number of caribbean regional projects.
  Description: CORE is a Participatory operations research method and programming & evaluation driven by empowered grass roots population. CORE supports and empowers vulnerable populations, pivotal groups, and community leaders at the grass roots to effectively lead the HIV response. CORE Focuses on skills buildin...
Arrow Spotlight on Stigma - Issue 1
  Overview: The newsletter of the PANCAP Regional Stigma and Discrimination unit (RSDU)
Arrow Materials for stigma reduction and Human rights
  Overview: Community Manuals
  Description: These materials are intended to be used by community based organizations that are working in partnership with their governments to reduce S&D towards marginalised populations.
Arrow Anti-stigma tools
  Overview: Download and view private sector and community tools from the DFID private sector and HIV project implemented by Associates for International Development and Caribbean HIV/AIDS Alliance.
  Description: View the Video training tool/PSA: Stigma begins and Ends With You: This video was produced by Community Health Action and Transformation in 2008 under the DFID funded project Accelerating the Private Sector Response to HIV/AIDs in the Caribbean managed by Associates for International Developmen...